Big things are happening at the farm

Spring is finally here and the birds are enjoying the warmer weather.  With spring, that also means it’s time for baby birds.  We currently have around 100 duck eggs in the incubator that will be hatching on April 19th.  Check the hatchery tab on the main page for more details.

We began construction on our new building yesterday to make room for more chickens, turkeys and geese.  We have Pilgrim, Embden, and Toulouse geese coming.  For turkeys, we have two heritage breeds:  Red Bourbon and Blue Slate.  We also have Bronze Broad Breasted and White Broad Breasted.  We have a few more drake ducks coming to round out our breeding stock and the same with chickens.  Once we get our turkeys established, we will begin putting them up for sale, along with the geese.  We will have some turkeys for sale this year.  We are also running numbers right now to figure out the cost of having turkeys in our Co-Op program.

We are going to work with the hatchery and the processor to have the birds delivered in June, raise them to processing weight and have them ready to go for Thanksgiving.  We want to be able to provide a fresh, never frozen, bird.  More details of that will come.

Anyway, that about sums it up for now.  Oh, in two weeks we are hoping to have the outside self serve refrigerator out there again.  Once it doesn’t get below 35 degrees anymore at night, it will be back out there.  Hit me up with any questions, or stop on out to the farm any time and see what’s going on.  You are more than welcome to come out and wander around and see what all the birds are up to.

Have a great week!



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