2022 Hatch

Chicks and Goslings available now

Started Birds

Ready to Lay Hens

18 week old Cinnamon Queens - $16 each

Ready date - June 17th

Reserve yours now.  *Limited quantity available


Processed Meat Birds & Farm Fresh Eggs

USDA processed frozen chickens.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Available now!


Free Range Turkeys

Pre-order your Broad Breasted White turkey for Thanksgiving 2022 now!

Free Home Delivery

We offer free home delivery to Sterling, Rock Falls & Dixon.  Minimum two dozen order.  Deliveries are made in the mornings.  We leave the farm at 9:30am to start the route

Friday - Sterling and Rock Falls

Saturday - Sterling, Rock Falls, & Dixon

Contact us now to arrange delivery of any of our products.

A little history


Our hobby farm started with a dozen laying hens, ten meat chickens and eight Pekin ducks to be raised for both meat and eggs.  We were looking for healthier, more natural options for food rather than the inhumanely raised commercial egg and meat factory farms.  Since then, we have grown a lot more diverse with different types of poultry and fowl that we have on our farm.  We sell farm fresh eggs from a variety of egg laying hens.  We also raise meat birds and sell day old birds all the way up to started pullets.  We raise fresh, never frozen turkeys for thanksgiving.  We also grow a wide range of vegetables that we sell direct from our farm as well as the Dixon and Sterling Farmers markets.

Everything we hatch out on our farm is from our selectively bred parent stock from our own flock and incubated on site.



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