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Our Approach

We are a small hobby farm focused on raising natural, healthy alternatives to commercially farmed poultry.  We raise our birds the way they were meant to live.  Outside, foraging and spending their days doing things that birds were born to do.

Our Story

We started with just a handful of birds for our own personal use for eggs and meat.  Over time, people started asking about purchasing eggs and meat from us as they were looking for a healthy, naturally and humanely raised alternative to commercially farmed poultry.  We started adding on more birds to support the demand and continue to grow as people discover a locally farmed all natural product.

Meet the Team

chickens in truck

Chuck Gaumer

Co Founder & CEO

Chuck is a retired Union Electrician and also owns and operates Gaumer Lawn Service.

chickens on my head

Charlie Gaumer

Co Founder & COO

Charlie works at Rayovac in Dixon and for Gaumer Lawn Service.

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